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The following list contains some more links to aviation related sites:

ICAOInternational Civil Aviation OrganizationEngl.
IATAInternational Air Transport AssociationEngl.
AOPAAircraft Owners and Pilots AssociationEngl.
AEAAssociation of European AirlinesEngl.

National AIPs
AIP DenmarkVFR-charts and data of danish airfieldsEngl.
AIP FranceNOTAMS, VFR-charts and data of french airfieldsFranz.
AIP United KingdomAIP Great Britain, NOTAMS, VFR-charts and data of airfieldsEngl.
AIP NetherlandsAIP of Netherland, VFR charts and dat of the airfieldsEngl.
AIP NorwayAIP of Norway, ENR, charts and data of airfieldsEngl.
AIP Polande-AIP of Poland, NOTAMS, airfields (registr. req.)Engl.
AIP PortugalNOTAMS, charts and data of portuguese airfields (registr. req.)Engl.
AIP SwedenNOTAMS, charts and data of swedish airfieldsSchw.
AIP SpainNOTAMS, charts and data of spanish airfields (registr. req.)Engl.
AIP BrazilCharts and data of brazil airfieldsEngl.
AIP IndiaComplete online AIP with charts and general infoEngl.

Navigation gen.
EurocontrolEurocontrol-Site with links to several national AIS-pagesEngl.
AIS AfrikaAir Safety Agency Africa & Madagaskar: charts for african countriesFranz.
Aeronautical DBData of more than 10.000 airports, airfields & navigation aids worldwideEngl.

Accidents: JACDECAccident-DB: "Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre"Engl.
Accidents: ASNAccident-DB: "Aviation Safety Network"Engl.
Accidents: 1934..1965Database with accidents from 1934 thru 1965Engl.
SKYbrary DatenbankSome facts: Technology & Procedures (WIKI)Engl.

Aging Aircraft Safety RuleFAA Site: procedures & requirements against agingEngl.
Aerodynamics: Airfoil-DBHuge airfoil database, aerodynamical dataEngl.
EGPWS for EngineersDocumentation, bulletins und manuals (Honeywell)Engl.
EGPWS for PilotsEGPWS Specification und Pilot's Guide (Honeywell)Engl.
Radar, HistoryDevelopment of radar since WW 2Engl.
Type Certificate DataType Certificate Data Sheets - FAA databaseEngl.

Weather & Climate
Wetterzentrale.deWetterzentrale: huge amount of professional weather chartsDeut.
Deutscher WetterdienstLinks directly to aviation weather; briefing chargeableDeut.
Weather GraphicsInternational weather charts; partly chargeableEngl.
Lightning & ElectricityNASA-Site mit lightning strikes und moreEng.
Atmosphere calkulatorCalculation of ISA standard atmophere and moreEng.

Aerodynamics: airfoil-DBUIUC - database with quite a lot of airfoils and aerodynamic dataEngl.
MIT Aviation CoursesComplete Handout of the MIT: Aeronautics and AstronauticsEngl.